The Secret Superpower of the United States

2022-11-29T00:05:55+08:00June 10, 2022|

A few years ago, The Economist made a poignant remark. They said the United States is, in essence, an “NGO with nuclear bombs”. Upon reading this, I stopped to ponder their assertion. The two concepts, that of a non-profit organization and that of an institution bearing tools of destruction, seemed irreconcilable. Over succeeding days of research, I ruminated on the assertion. I arrived at this conclusion: the Economist’s characterization is both a clever, and factual, [...]

..and we are six months old!

2021-11-19T08:55:35+08:00November 18, 2021|

On Akshaya Tritiya day, May 14th 2021, we registered Jupiter 360, Inc. We hastily put together our own website, and dove into serious work. Do what it takes was my mantra, and unsurprisingly, the mantra became a self-fulfilling prophecy.. the work, the people, organizations and support started showing up to do everything we could for our children in India. Working with amazing organizations like Magic Bus USA and the Smart Village Movement. Half a year [...]

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