On Akshaya Tritiya day, May 14th 2021, we registered Jupiter 360, Inc. We hastily put together
our own website, and dove into serious work. Do what it takes was my mantra, and
unsurprisingly, the mantra became a self-fulfilling prophecy.. the work, the people, organizations
and support started showing up to do everything we could for our children in India. Working with
amazing organizations like Magic Bus USA and the Smart Village Movement. Half a year flew

Magic Bus is the hidden jewel in all the nonprofits doing outstanding work in India. For the past
18 years, the organization has been working with children and young adults to lift them out of
poverty, putting them on the way to completing high school and into a productive life with
vocational training, skilling, entrepreneurship programs and lately covid relief to families who
have lost both jobs in the household.

Jupiter 360 worked with the Board and management on everything from infrastructure, a new
website, advising the Board, hiring a new CEO and Development Directors, and setting up the
organization for success. We checked off on all the deliverables with pride and satisfaction.
Chairman of Magic Bus USA Amit Bhandari said “I have always admired Vandana’s
performance at Akshaya Patra. Jupiter 360’s team without a doubt came through on every
single one of their outcome-based deliverables for Magic Bus USA. Vandana has proven yet
again and has exceeded expectations. We look forward to a continued engagement with
Jupiter’s team and Vandana as a Strategic Advisor for Magic Bus.” For more info:

Smart Village Movement over a very short span of two years has garnered tremendous
attention from multi nationals like Dell, Salesforce, Microsoft and many others who are looking
to do good in remote villages in India. With a strong alliance with Berkeley HAAS, SVM has
successfully helped in implementing a lab for Salesforce in rural Meghalaya for teaching kids to
code. The Preventive Health Management program is the first of its kind; bringing medical
support for villages with low density populations. Going forward, Jupiter 360 will work on a
global vision to create a sustainable model of working towards creating 50 smart villages in all
areas of sanitation, education, housing, nutrition, health care, water and access to markets. For
more Information: www.smartvillagemovement.com

What’s exciting is the enthusiasm and traction volunteers bring to any organizations die hard
spirit. Warriors for Good as I like to call them. One such organization we onboarded last week is
OSAAT. Acronym for One School at a Time. Over the past weekend, Jupiter360 joined in the
preparations and presentation for Vidyaadana 2021. Attended by 150 guests the event raised
over $800,000 to cumulatively over $1 million in 2021. I got to speak and ask for money, and I
couldn’t be happier doing it. Especially when it means we rebuild schools so children feel safe,
they have adequate clean washrooms, there is drinking water and school is as it should be. A
wonderful place for curious minds. Check us out www.OSAAT.org

Last but not the least, I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to my team. Matt Luckey –
Marketing and Communications Director, Devanshi Mehta – Finance and Business
Development, Peggy Meller – Art Director, Tara Malhotra – Grants and Shivani Saigal – Art
Director. A huge thank you to our advisors and mentors; Krutika Pranav, Siva Ramamurthy,
Himanshu Palsule, BV Jagadeesh, Anil Punyapu, and many more who quietly work in the

With a dynamic, high-energy team, Advisory Board members and tons of work to be done, we
have nothing but praise for our generous donors and well-wishers. Jupiter or Guru will keep
shining in the November sky, reminding us that we are a tiny speck in the Universe, but that by
no means; makes us small.