We are a dedicated group of professionals with a variety of expertise and decades of experience to help you work out the challenges that keep you awake at night. Your work changes lives, let us help you, so you can help others.

Jupiter 360 believes businesses and nonprofits thrive on a foundation of trust and goodwill. We take a 360 view of your organization, as a whole or a particular part that is challenging you. We collaborate with you to define the problem and give outcome-based solutions using mind mapping and design thinking tools.


Often the road to success is paved with details. We collaborate with founders, CEOs, and managers in defining pain points and setting objectives and key results for the most crucial thing businesses and nonprofits do. Raise money sustainably.

  • Look at your historical fundraising patterns and identify new funding sources, set you on a path toward innovation and sustainable growth
  • Establish goals and help you to energize and mobilize clients to stay connected and attract multiple-year commitments
  • Optimize your CRM to raise funds and streamline revenue-generating practices


  • We work with you to define marketing and sales strategy, create campaigns, tighten the organization’s messaging to strengthen your brand image and distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Plan online and in-person events to maximize donor experience, exceed fundraising targets and cultivate sustainable relationships with donors and clients.


  • Carve out budgets to create and execute a strategy for scaling and capacity building
  • Create best practices for outcomes and key results in all areas of operations
  • Review your technology utilization, optimize your CRM to generate sales and provide analytics, establish best practices for revenue platform vendor qualification, and shorten payment cycles.

What Our Partners Say

Vandana and her dedicated team of professionals at Jupiter 360 are incredible to work with! They come with extensive digital, marketing and fundraising experience to help nonprofits elevate their organization. Additionally, they manage deadlines and obstacles effectively with persistence and strong execution. I highly recommend working with Jupiter 360 to any organization looking to grow awareness and revenue or in need of operational efficiencies.

Sarah Currid, Executive Director, Magic Bus USA